In my literacy class, we have been reading Holes, then watched the movie. Taking note on the many differences between the two, I found numerous differences! Most of the dialogue was different and almost all of the characters were different to the book. I found the movie a little more interesting but I’d rather the book because it did a better job of describing it to me because you can fit a lot more in a book than on a disc. A lot of the differences were obvious, like Camp Green Lake had lots of trees and there were lots of people, not like the book said. There were lots of extra scenes of the court hearing and when Zero stole a shovel. Has anyone else noticed other differences, I’m not going to list them all but please comment. Because I want to know all of them.

Movie vs Book

In my literacy class we are trying to decide if it is better to read the book first or watch the movie first. I think that the book gives more information and the movie doesn’t have all the scenes and they cut out most of the book because movies cost millions and take forever to make. And by reading the book you would understand most of the movie, because the dialogue is usually different and the characters are almost always nothing like in the book. I usually read the book first, having read all the Harry Potters before I watched the movies. So I think that the movies are more understandable once you’ve read the book. What do you think? Please comment.

Halo Combat Evolved

At my school everyone was playing Halo on the computers, BUT THE I.T. TEACHER BLOCKED IT, which really annoyed lots of people including me. As you would have gathered from my other posts on Halo and XBox live I’m a huge Halo fan and I wish to see it unblocked, well it’s not unblocked but any one caught playing it gets thier account disabled so they can’t play anything. I would accept some conditions, like only play it for a certain time everyday. Maybe if I can get enough people following me I can get it unbanned, I’ve already got some people following me so I’ve got some links to a few of thier blogs paste this up at the top, http://isaachan10.edublogs.org/
I think soon I’ll have enough people to get it unblocked. Thanks for your support.

Work simulators

Heavy machinery simulators have been visiting schools around Tasmania, trying to get kids intrested in operating heavy machinery when they’re older. Because people are retiring and not enough younger people are joining. These simulators include:excavators, front end loaders and stuff like that. So if you crash, instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars if you crash an excavator or other vehichle you can just start again. Has anyone been in a simulator of some sort? Please comment.


For those out there who don’t know what spam is, and no I don’t mean spiced ham in a can(by ham I mean somthing posing as ham). Spam is a comment sent by a company that are trying to advertise thier products, so don’t bother replying or they will send more and won’t stop. And don’t spam my Blog either…..

Fallout New Vegas

Fall out New Vegas is set 200 years after Fallout 3. The fallout series is a first and third person game, giving you the option to switch between the two. Thier is one unique thing on Fallout, the V.A.T.S (vault assisted targeting system) which lets you automatically target an enemies body part or weapon. In New Vegas some of the trees and vegetation has grown back and, unfortunatly, the only way into Vegas, has an infestation of Deathclaws. For people who have played Fallout New Vegas, you know Deathclaws are hard to kill. But I found an semi-automatic sniper rocket launcher thing from a dead guy on the railway near New Vegas the takes them out with one shot to the head! I can’t remember what it is called at the moment but I was just looking around the railway and I found it, has anyone else found it, please comment.

My choice post

For term 3 in ICT we could choose from a number of activities, these included: a Christmas pivot dance animation, a passion blog, research on your family tree, a scratch game or a story book. I chose pivot, stop motion video and a glogster. I’m working on my pivot, but it still needs some perfecting, but when it’s done I will put it on this blog as a sort of Christmas present for my blog readers.

Search Engines

In my ICT class we have been looking at search engines. http://www.google.com.au/ and http://www.bing.com/ are the two big ones but we’ve been looking at the other ones, http://go.com/ is a good one to go to because it shows lots of information and no rubbish sites come up. http://www.lycos.com/ because it is simple and has lot’s of results. http://www.excite.com/ is my fav because it isn’t complicated, it shows lots of results and is very accurate. I hope you find this useful.

Book Review:Eragons guide to Alagaesea

This book is the main characters(Eragon)guide to the world that he lives in. It provides a lot of information and has lots of pictures and the cover is really distinct, bright blue scale looking things cover the back and front of the book. It tells you a lot obout the four main races and the dragons, the humans, elves, urgals and dwarves. It has samples of fabric, dragon dust and flowers, it has a very detailed map of Alagaesia and shows all the landmarks. I would reccomend this book to people who have first read Eragon, Eldest and Brisingr. I have other posts on these books, just click on older posts at the bottom of the page.

Mary Makillop

Mary Makillop is the only Australian to be cannonised, that’s when someone is made a Saint after their dead. This process can take years as the other Saints look at every thing that a person has ever done, and you have to have performed two miracles, though some people disagree, they think there is always a logical explanation. Not many people get cannonised, but it is considered a great honour.

Mary Makillop was mainly known for opening many public schools that anyone could attend for free. Because back then only rich people could go to school because it cost so much. One of the miracles she did was curing a lady of lukemia in 1961, the other miracle was whaen she healed a woman who had lung cancer in the 1990’s. These miracles were approved by the Vatican.

Mary Makillop was born on the 15 of January 1842 in Brunswick St Fitzroy, Melbourne and baptised on the 28th of Febraury at Saint Francias in melbourne.
In 1863 she was appointed to a salaried teaching role at Portland Catholic Denominational school.
On Saint Joseph’s Day 19th of March 1866 she started the stable School.
In 1875 she was made Superior General.
In 1902 Mary suffered a stroke and went to Rotorua.
On the 18 of August 1909 at Mount St, north Sydney and buried at the Gore hill cemetery.
In 1913 a memorial chapel was built at North Sydney.
In 1926 Cannonisation begins and is postponed 1931 and reopened in 1951.
In 2010 she was cannonised in Rome.